About Us
About Our Daycare

We have been in business for 8 years and serviced over 100 kids.  Many of
our children are doing well in their school years, which is our goal.

All children enter will enter preschool knowing their basics such as:

      1.        Recognition of the alphabet
      2.        Recognition of the numbers 0 - 20
      3.        Recognition of the shapes
      4.        Recognition of colors

For those who are at least with us until their 4 years old will even learn to:

      1.        Write their name
      2.        Write their numbers
      3.        Know their planets
      4.        Know their continents
      5.        Recognize site words

We always make sure the children are having a good time and learning in
a safe environment.

During the summer we do field trips and trips for the family (provided we
have enough participants).

In October we provide a walk-through haunted house for the daycare and
neighborhood.  We have had a real success with it for the last 4 years.

We always provide professional services.